HPMC - i.e. hydroxypropyl methylcellulose - was originally developed as an auxiliary substance for pharmaceutical production.

It was often used as a fine powder and is made on the basis of cellulose from a renewable plant source. It is thus a very easy vegan ingredient.

In the late 00s, it also began to be possible to use HPMC for capsules, which opened up the possibility of producing vegan products in capsules.

We use HPMC in many of our products, both as capsules and as an auxiliary substance in our tablets, as it has no negative effect on the function of the active nutrients in our products, and the latest research shows that there may be some really positive effects when taken of HPMC plant fibers.

In our stomachs, HPMC capsules dissolve within 30-45 minutes, and then HPMC acts as a non-fermentable dietary fiber.

Recently, EFSA - the European Food Safety Authority - has just approved the following health claims about HPMC:

- When consuming 5g daily, HPMC contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of cholesterol in the blood.

- When consuming 4g of HPMC in connection with a meal, HPMC contributes to keeping blood sugar stable after the meal.

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