About us

Making the world healthy!

Our goal is to make the world healthier. Therefore, we always think quality rather than quantity. Our health is greatly influenced by what we eat and therefore we believe that everyone should be given the additional nutrients that our bodies need in order to function optimally. We offer a wide range of vitamins, herbs and organic minerals for children, adolescents, adults and seniors, where we combine more than 40 years of experience with the latest knowledge and research within our field, so ensure everyone a healthier future.

Natural health, of course

Our product philosophy is to deliver high quality wellbeing, by offering you the best supplements. Therefore, our dietary supplements contain as few excipients as possible. All of our minerals are organic with high bioavailability for better absorption, combined with natural vitamins. We believe that naturalness is equal to health and therefore all our products are free of artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives and artificial colors. We also believe that everyone should be able to be healthy and therefore our products do not contain lactose or gluten, and 41 out of 52 products are also 100% vegan. 

40 years of experience takes a long time to get

We are immensely proud that we can still carry on the founder of pharmacist Jørgen Pedersen and wife pharmacist Ane-Lise Pedersen's wish to make the world healthier. The wish for a healthier world was the basis for starting danish pharmaceutical industry a-s (dfi) back in 1978, which is still a Danish family-owned company today. Today, dfi is led by Gitte Pedersen and her husband Marco Capobianco, in collaboration with their two children Patrick and Isabella Capobianco, as well as the two daughters in law Cecilie Lyngdrup and Caroline Illemann. This 2nd and 3rd generation constellation allows us to combine many years of experience with an innovative and digital thinking, thus ensuring consumers the best products with the best service. We are very excited to provide personal advice and guidance in conjunction with delivering quality products to everyone.

Take care of the environment - also for your own sake

We consider the environment with everything we do and it's not just for the sake of the environment, but also for your and your family's sake. Therefore, all our bottles are made entirely of PVC-free plastic, which are also made as small as possible, to use as little plastic as possible. In addition, we only use certified Ecolabel paper, which means that 70% of the paper is made of surplus residues from wood production, etc. Our product catalogs, brochures and other printed material are printed with FSC certificate, CO2 climate-neutral certificate and cradle-to-cradle certificate, which means that our printed material comes from paper from responsible sources, where production is CO2 neutral and printed material is produced to be 100% biodegradable without the use of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.