Terms and Conditions

The following sales and delivery terms apply to all deliveries from www.dkpharma.dk. The terms apply in cases where no other written agreements have been entered into between the buyer and the company. 

Delivery and transportation 

Delivery of goods from www.dkpharma.dk is considered to have taken place after the customer has received the goods. All orders are shipped with GLS unless otherwise agreed between buyer and dfi a-s. This means that the goods will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt of the order. Delivery at the buyer's address in Denmark will therefore normally take place within 1-3 days. The stated delivery date is indicative and may be waived. 

The risk of the goods

The risk of goods ordered at www.dkpharma.dk passes to the buyer when the cancellation right has expired after 14 days of receipt. If the product has been damaged or deteriorated after the buyer has received it, the buyer will retain his right of withdrawal if the damage or deterioration is not due to negligence or lack of care by the buyer. Remember to save original packaging as the item shall be returned in original packaging, during complaints or if the goods are damaged.


dfi a-s provides a 14-day cancellation right from the day you receive the item. If you regret your purchase, you must notify the dfi a-s within 14 days of the day you received the item. You are required to return the item in the same condition and quantity as it is received. This also applies to the packaging and the label that is on the item. You must bear the costs of returning the item yourself. You can undo a purchase either by refusing to receive the item, by transferring the item to GLS, or by returning the item to the specified address.

If you regret your purchase, you will of course receive the refunded amount. The amount will be transferred to the card you have paid with or on your bank account when we have received the returned item and checked that it meets the cancellation policy.

Return of goods

When you return the item, please indicate what the problem is as detailed as possible. Keep in mind that the item must always be returned in proper packaging and receive a receipt for dispatch. Whether you return the item due to complaint or because you have regretted your purchase, please enclose a copy of the order confirmation. Please note: We do not receive packages sent per COD (Cash on Delivery). 

Complaint / Warranty

Any defects or defects in products / goods supplied by dfi-s must be relied upon within 2 months after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to specify and, upon request, show how the error or defect is expressed. If you notice an error, please contact dfi. In principle, you can only complain about errors that appear within 2 years after you have received the item. For products with limited durability, your complaint is limited by the durability period that the dfi has predefined, i.e. expiration date of the products. As a consumer, you can choose to trade the item. The exception to this rule is if exchange is impossible or will result in disproportionate costs for the company. If your claim is warranted, we will naturally refund your (reasonable) shipping costs. 

Complaint options

If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact dfi@dkpharma.dk. If we fail to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the Competition and Consumer Agency Center for Complaints Solutions, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, via www.forbrug.dk. You can also use the EU Commission's online complaint portal, which will, however, mainly be relevant if you are a consumer domiciled outside Denmark. You can find the complaint portal here.

Data Privacy Policy

1.1 This Privacy Policy ("Personal Data Policy") describes how the dansk farmaceutisk industri a-s ("dfi", "us", "our", "we") collects and processes information about you. 

1.2 The Personal Data Policy applies to personal data that you submit to us or which we collect via our website, www.dkpharma.dk ("Website")

1.3 dfi is the data controller for your personal information. All inquiries can be made from the contact details listed under section 7.

2.1 When you visit the website, we automatically collect information about you and your use of the website, such as what type of browser you use, which search terms you use on the website, your IP address, including your network location and information about your computer.

2.1.1 The purpose is to optimize the user experience and the home page function, as well as targeted marketing including retargeting via Facebook and Google. This processing of information is necessary for us to take care of our interests in improving the website and showing you relevant offers. 

2.1.2 The legal basis for the processing is Article 6 (1) (f), of the EU Personal Data Regulation, concerning legitimate interest.

2.2 When you purchase a product or communicate with us on the website, we collect the information you provide, e.g. name, address, e-mail address, phone number, payment method, information about which products you buy and have returned, delivery requests, as well as information about the IP address from which the order was made.

2.2.1 The purpose is so that we can deliver the products you have ordered and, in addition, fulfill our agreement with you, including to manage your rights to return and complain. Information about your purchases can also be processed to comply with legal requirements, including bookkeeping and accounting. Upon purchase, the IP address is collected for the purpose to take care of our interest in preventing fraud. 

2.2.2 The legal basis for the processing is Article 6 (1), (b) (c) (f) of the EU Personal Data Regulation. 

2.3 When you sign up for our newsletter or member club (as a member you receive our newsletter), you will be prompted to provide e.g. name, address, email address, gender, interests, etc. In addition to your name, address and e-mail address you choose what information you will give us. 

2.3.1 The purpose is to manage your membership and provide you with the services and offer you the benefits associated with the membership of the customer club as well as to take care of our interest in sending newsletters and targeting. 

2.3.2 The legal basis for the processing is Article 6 (1) (b) (f) of the EU Personal Data Regulation 

3.1 Information about your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, order number and specific delivery requests are communicated to GLS or another carrier who handles the delivery of the purchased items to you. 

3.2 Information may be left to external partners that process the information on our behalf. We use external partners to technical operations and website improvements, newsletters, targeted marketing, including retargeting, as well as your review of our company and products. These companies are data processors and under our instructions and process data for which we are data controllers. Data Processors may not use the information for any purpose other than fulfillment of the agreement with us, and are confidential about these. We have entered written data processing agreements with all data processing companies handling personal information on our behalf. 

3.3 Two of these data providers, Google Analytics via. Google LLC. and Facebook Inc. is established in the United States. The necessary guarantees for the transfer of information to the United States are secured through the data processor's certification under the EU-US. Privacy Shield, according to EU Type of Data Regulation Article 45.

3.3.1 Copy of Google LLC's certification can be found here: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt000000001L5AAI

3.3.2 Copy of Facebook Inc.'s certification can be found here: https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000GnywAAC&status=Active

4.1 In order to provide transparency regarding the processing of your information, we as a data controller must inform you about your rights. 

4.2 Transparency and Insight 

4.2.1 You are entitled to, at any time, request information about, among other things, information we have registered about you, the purpose of the registration, which categories of personal data we have registered and the recipients of information, if any, as well as from where the information originates. 

4.2.2 You are entitled to receive a copy of the personal information we process about you. If you want a copy of your personal information, please send a written request to dfi@dkpharma.dk. You will be asked to prove that you are the one you pretend to be. 

4.3 Right to rectification 

4.3.1 You are entitled to have incorrect personal information about yourself corrected by us. If you become aware that there are errors in the information we have registered about you, you are encouraged to contact us in writing so that the information can be corrected. 

4.3.2 Information that we have collected in connection with your registration to our member club allows you to correct via login to your user profile. 

4.4 The right to erasure 

4.4.1 In some cases you have the right to have all or some of your personal information deleted by us, for example, if you revoke your consent and we do not have another legal basis to continue the data processing. To the extent that continued processing of your information is necessary, for example, to comply with our legal obligations or for legal requirements to be established, enforced or defended, we are not required to delete your personal information. 

4.5 The right to restrict processing to just storage

4.5.1 You may, in certain cases, have the right to restrict the processing of your personal information to consist of storage, for example, if you believe that the information we treat about you is incorrect. 

4.6 The right to data portability 

4.6.1 You may, in certain cases, have the right to obtain personal information that you have provided us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transfer this information to another data controller.

4.7 Right of objection 

4.7.1 You are entitled at any time to object to our processing of your personal information for direct marketing including the profiling made to target our direct marketing.

4.7.2 In addition, you may at any time, for reasons relating to your personal situation, object to the processing of your personal information as we make on our legitimate interests, according to section 2.1 and 2.3.

4.8 The right to revoke consent

4.8.1 You have the right at any time to revoke a consent you have given us to a given processing of personal data, including the profile made by you as a member of the customer club. If you wish to revoke your consent, please contact us at dfi@dkpharma.dk

4.9 The right to appeal

4.9.1 You are entitled at any time to file a complaint with Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5, 1300 Copenhagen K, about our processing of your personal information. Complaints may, among other things, be submitted to mail dt@datatilsynet.dk or telephone +45 33 19 32 00.

5.1 Information collected about your use of the website, according to section. 2.1. will be deleted, at the latest, when you have not used the website for 5 years.

5.2 Information collected in connection with your registration for our newsletter will be deleted when your consent for a newsletter is withdrawn unless we have another basis for processing the information.

5.3 Information collected in connection with purchases you have made on the website, according to 2.2 will be deleted 5 years after the end of the calendar year in which you made your purchase. However, information may be stored for a longer period of time if we have a legitimate need for longer storage, for example, if necessary for legal requirements to be established, enforced or defended, or if storage is necessary for us to comply with legal requirements. Accounting materials are kept for 5 years to the end of a financial year in order to comply with the requirements of the Accounting Act.

5.4 Information that we have collected in connection with your registration to and during your membership of our customer club, according to section 2.3, we will automatically delete: a) when you have not logged in to your user profile for 5 years; b) if you disable (suspend) your membership to our customer club and do not reactivate it within the next 5 years; or c) if you unsubscribe from our customer club. 

6.1 We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational safeguards against illegal and/or accidental destruction of personal data, forfeiture, alteration or deterioration as well as the disclosure or misuse of personal data.

6.2 Only employees who have a real need to access your personal information to perform their work have access to them.

A cookie is a small data file that we store on your computer to keep track of what happens during your visit and to recognize the computer. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses. Cookies are necessary to make the website work and also help us to gain an overview of your visit to the website so that we can continually optimize and target the website to your needs and interests. For example, cookies may remember what you have added to the shopping cart, if you have previously visited the site, if you are logged in and which language and currency you would like to have on the website.

8.1 dansk farmaceutisk industri a-s is the data controller for the personal data collected via the website.

8.2 If you have questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or you wish to make use of one or more of your rights described in Section 4, please contact:

Dansk farmaceutisk industri a-s
Dam Enge 4
3660 Stenløse
Tel. No .: 44 86 05 50
E-mail: dfi@dkpharma.dk

9.1 If we make changes to the Personal Data Policy, you will be informed of this at your next visit to the Website.

9.2 If you have subscribed to our newsletter or member club, you will be informed about the changes in the policy through your registered email address.

The personal data policy was last updated October 2018.

Log Statistics

We use log statistics at www.dkpharma.dk which means that a statistical system collects information that can provide a statistical view of how many visitors we have, where they come from and where on the site it is left, etc. Log statistics are used only for the purpose of optimizing www.dkpharma.dk.